Management of the overall supervision of administration and planning of all matters and aspects related to all divisions, sections and sub-sections of Formal and Informal Education

Mr A J llHoeseb


Mr P D Titus

Deputy Director: PQA

Ms J Rukamba

Deputy Director: Adult and Life-Long Learning and Libraries

Ms P F Kanases

Chief Control Officer: Auxiliary Services, Transport and Procurement

Private Secretary


Monitoring of all aspects of the curriculum and administration of schools and hostels, inspections, in-service training and professional development of principals, heads of department and teachers.

Mr. C. Shanjengange

Namib Circuit Inspector

Mrs. C. Wantenaar

Kalaharic Circuit Inspector

Ms J Magerman

Inspector: !Garib Circuit


Ms M Thompson

Advisory Services

Execution of curriculum planning and implementation. Rendering subject specific advice to teachers and advance teacher in-service programmes.

Ms A A Goliath

Pre-Primary Education

Mr J Goeieman

LP, Khoekhoegowab medium

Ms M v/d Brooks

AFRIKAANS FL & SL, Gr 5 to 12, Home Sciences, Home Ecology, Home Econ, Needlew & Clothing 

Mr A van Neel 

Life Science, Biology, Agriculture

Mr A S Diergaardt

History, Geography, Social Studies, Development Studies

Mr H Rittmann (Study Leave)

English SL, School Debating Competitions and Spelling Bee

Ms. D. Paulus

Mathematics and Physical Science


  • Compiling and keeping data on Regional Statistics:15th School day Statistics, Annual Education Census, Records on promotion schedules Grade 5 – 9 and 11, Records on results Grade 10 and 12. 
  • Building and Maintenance:Ensure renovations to existing buildings, Ensure that MOW should maintain existing facilities and infrastructure, Construct new classes, schools and other necessary buildings, Do needs assessments in Region, Attend request from schools and other Educational institutions. 
  • Plan with Management and IOE:Expansion of curriculums at schools, Expansion of schools, Establish new schools where need be. 
  • Draw up budget and the Regional Activity. 
  • Plan together with other stakeholders. 
  • Drawing up the PMP and implementation thereof with other senior staff members.


Ms K E Goagoseb

Chief Education Officer: Planning and Development

Ms E. C. Hanze

Senior Education Officer: Planner

Mr P.F.Theron

Senior Works Inspector

Mr D. Vendura

Works Inspector

Ms R Wells

Administrative Officer

Ms S Sheyer

Administrative Officer

School Counceling

Rendering of Life Skills, guidance and remedial educational services to learners with specific needs including.

Ms M Smit

Mr F. Eiman


Responsible for the various HIV & AIDS prevention programmes in the Directorate of Education.

Ms E Hyman

Ms H Shatipamba


Ms B Windstaan

Human Resource

  • Processing of appointment, pension related matters, subsidy, leave/leave gratuity, Housing loan scheme, housing subsidy, allowances, medical aid scheme, progress report, transfers, translation , secondments, demises, salary increments, Service bonuses, injury on duty, removal of furniture, evaluation of qualification, retirements, salary adjustments, social security related matters, Housing and car scheme of management Candre and Affirmative Action Act. 
  • Interpretation and application of Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, Public Service Act, Public Service Regulations, Public Service Staff rules, Personnel Administration Measures, Finance Act, Treasury Instructions, Labour Act and delegations. 
  • Intrepreting surreys and problematic/ contentious personnel matters, Recruitment of all levels, posting manpower by means of appointments and transfers and data base for establishment. 
  • Advertising of posts. 
  • Compilation of Regional Directives and Circulars on Personnel Administration matters.


Ms E Mbalili

Ms S M Stephanus

Ms M M Humphries

Ms G Cloete

Mr J Engelbrecht

Ms A. N. Eises

Mr J Sheefeni

Mr L Titus

Ms G Bloodstaan

Mr S K Kambungo

Mr S. Ipinge

Mr D.N. Konjore


This section of the Regional Office is responsible for the overall administration of financial matters of this directorate for the Karas Region in compliance with the Public Service.

  • We strive towards the efficient handling of all matters pertaining to fincances which cover a wide range of duties and services. 
  • In line with the Public Service Charter, we strive towards treating all our clientele in the most efficient and effective manner. 
  • We are committed towards professionalism in our duties as we fully realize that any matter related to fincances should be dealt with the necessary dignity.

Mr D Christiaans

Responsible for:Overall management of administrative matters of this section which includes the following:Budget Control, Creditors, Subsistence and Travel claims,Revenue, Inspections, Salaries and Allowances. Oversees the day-to-day running of staff Liaise and consult with relevant RO Management officials. Handling of annual budgeting, Audits and financial reports.

Ms J E Humphries

Responsible for Sub-sections: Salaries and Allowances Budget Control, Creditors and S&T.This sub-section concerns itself with:Receiving salary advises from HR an implement them, Sorting salaries, overtime payment and supplementary cheques, Entering cheques, Recovery of excess or overpayment in terms of Treasury Instructions (TI), Handling salary matters of the RO staff, Cancellation and registering of Cheques in terms of TI, Pay Certificates, Financial Planning, Practicing control over state funds, Advise and liaise with management on compilation of budget, Monitoring of government expenditure, Collection and accounting for ministerial income, Book-keeping of financial transactions, hExecuting finances in accordance with TI.


Enquiries:Medical Aid, Leave gratuity, Maternity leave deductions,Overtime payment, Emolument attachment order, Depositing salary cheque into bank account, rejection, 3rd party deductions. Also Payments to suppliers such as Nampower, Selco, Telecom, Municipality, Town and Village Councils & churches.


Mr V Otto

Sub-section:Supervisor Responsible for:Advising RO Management on financial matters, Assisting with regional annual budget, Compilation of Report for Auditor-General, Advise Economizing Committee, Verification of payments caterers,creditors and contractors, Allocation of new pay point numbers, Monitor book keeping of revenue points.


Enquiries:  Payment and records of hostel payments, School development funds, Inspection of Revenue receiving points.

Ms P Awasman

Ms G Isaak

Mr B Isaaks

Ms S Nantes

Ms. A Beukes

Ms L. Scott

Ms I. De Ku

Support Services

Ms R Katzao

Mr J Cloete

Mr A J Tierspoor

Mr D Domroch

Ms M Higoam

Ms S Kupembona

Ms S Prins

Ms A Kido

Stock Control

Mr L G Barry

Ms F J Apollus

Mr H Gariseb


Mr P Dausab

Mr G Snewe


Ms H Mothinga

Adult Education

Mr J Isaacks

Mr P Scheffers

Ms J Vries

Ms S Goliath


Mr G Durand

Ms J Rittmann


Ms A Vries

Mr T Hamutenya

Mr M Meyer

Mr L H Hagen

Mr U O Isaak


  • Train Head of Centres for the grade 10 & 12 registration process
  • Train Head of Centres on the handling of examination materials
  • Do examination centre inspections
  • Ensure examination standards and conditions are upheld       
  • Receive & process applications for results enquiries, remarking, clerical checks
  • Receive & process applications for unclaimed & lost certificates
  • Receive and process the appointment of Head of centres and cashier for examination purposes
  • Receive and forward applications for markers
  • In conjunction with the Directorate of National examinations and assessment coordinate markers, examiners, test item developers training and travel arrangements
  • Receive grade 12 certificates and dispatch to examination centres
  • Receive grade 10 & 12 results and make it accessible to public
  • Communicate these statistics to various stakeholders
  • Ensure new examination centres are registered
  • Ensure registration for full time & part time candidates

Ms A Kaoseb


Mr G Jossob

Mr D de Bruyn

Lithographic Services

Mr D Piete

IT Technician

Mr D. Kandjella

Mr T. Yamada

JICA Volunteer